Eve Online Platinum Pack V3  2023
  • Eve Online Platinum Pack V3  2023
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EVE Online Platinum Starter Pack

Pick up a Platinum Starter Pack to make the ultimate start in EVE Online.Start out with key items and access to the full EVE experience. Explore the possibilities, train, specialise, customise your character, and more. Includes:

  • 90 days Omega
  • 1500 PLEX
  • 2 MCT Certificates (Note: These are account bound.  They appear in your redeem queue and do not need to be activated until you are ready to use them)
  • Expert 'Boost' Cerebral Accelerator
  • 650,000 SP (500K + 150K)
  • Prophecy Navy Issue Crown and Swords SKIN
  • Myrmidon Navy Issue Inner Zone Vanguard SKIN
  • Ferox Navy Issue Steel Cardinal SKIN
  • Cyclone Fleet Issue Snowline Bladeracer SKIN
  • Hulk Radioactives Reclamation SKIN
  • Women's Radioactives Reclamation Suit
  • Women's Radioactives Reclamation Goggles
  • Men's Radioactives Reclamation Suit
  • Men's Radioactives Reclamation Goggles

Single purchase per account. 

**How to check your Eve Online Code  Redemption History**


This Eve Online Platinium Starter Pack was released in December 6th 2022.  If you have one of these listed in your account prior to this date it is safe to apply this version as well. Redeems to your transaction history as 1x Platinum Starter Pack 2023 (Code)


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