Some EVE items we carry are one use per account per source.  What does this mean?  In the screenshot below you can see two Bronze Packs.  The top one is from CCP.  It was purchased in 2024 and it simply listed as “Bronze Starter Pack”.  The one at the bottom is the exact same pack but purchased from our store.  You may purchase one of each from both Us and CCP.


Check your account transaction history with CCP. Do this before buying a code from us that is one use per account to make sure you can use it.  Codes that are one use per account are clearly marked as such.  PLEX, Omega and many other codes can be used as many times as wanted on a single account.



If you have already applied one of these codes from us and you purchase a second one from us you must use it on a different account.  If you attempt to apply it to an account that has already had one used it will give an error of “Already Used” or “Code is invalid”.


What is “Code is invalid” error?  If you get this error on a code when attempting to apply it to your account.  First thing to do is Check your account transaction history with CCP. 99.9% of the time you will find that you have applied one previously.  All codes purchased from us will list in your history as “Code”.  If you are sure you have not applied one of these codes to your account previously then please reply to the email you got containing the code asking us for help.  We will need to know the exact error you are getting to be able to help you.  So please make sure to include that.  Screenshots are great if that is easy for you.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at