TT Shroud of the Avatar Lord Founder Town Water Home

This unique Lord Town Waterfront Houseboat, reserved for Founders at the Lord tier or higher, is a two-story, waterfront houseboat that features two vast rooms on each floor, a private bedroom on the second floor, and a large, first floor front deck, with two cozy back decks.

(Note: You must have a Town Water Lot Deed to place this Home)

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What a beautiful home, indeed. This boat sits firmly tied to a dock for ease of entrance.

Shroud of the Avatar Lord Founder Town Water Home

The bow of the boat holds this wonderful gathering area suited for bathing suits, gatherings, and dancing.

SotA lord founder town water home

Inside, on the first floor, you’ll find a large room customizable to your needs. It includes a back door leading out to a railing.

sota lord founder town water home boat

shroud of the avatar lord founder boat town water home

The upstairs holds another large room with a central privacy room that can be used as the Captain’s quarters or storage.

sota boat lord founder town water home

Shroud of the Avatar boat house lord founder water home

Thanks to The SaltyDog of Port Phoenix for making the home public.

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