TT Shroud of the Avatar Lord Benefactor Town Home

The Benefactor Lord Town Home is comprised of 3 floors with 7 rooms (including a secret room), and two front-facing decks on the third floor.

(Note: You will need a town size property to place this home)

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Please let us know the name of the character to deliver this to:

This large home stands out amongst all others in the area.

Shroud of the Avatar Lord Benefactor Town Home

The first floor has a large interior and side rooms. Easily decoratable and largely homey, this house is just right for you.

shroud of the avatar lord benefactor town home

SotA Lord Benefactor town home

The second floor holds another large area great for gatherings, dining, and more. Another series of side rooms spring off of this interior.

sota lord benefactor town home

Thanks to Latnem Chaos of En Nox for making the home public.

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