TT Shroud of the Avatar Founder Heraldry Tabard Chain Armor Set

Heraldry blazons will appear on the Founder Chain Heraldry Armor, as well as other items like Shields and Banners.

Note that where you see the Lord British silver serpent on these items is where your blazon would appear, if no blazon is selected this would appear blank. Each item will come as a fully usable item with an eternal pattern embedded inside that can be salvaged to be applied to other items. The eternal pattern is what is linked to the heraldry blazon and what determines what blazon is displayed.

Founder heraldry items will have unique visuals including collars on the tabards, longer bottom cloth sections with angled designs, shinier cloth, thicker/more detailed edging, and other details.

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Wear your Heraldry Proudly with the Founder Heraldry Tabard Chain Armor Set!

This set includes:

Founder Heraldry Tabard Chain Chest Armor

Founder Heraldry Tabard Chain Leggings

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