TT Shroud of the Avatar Black Clockwork Armor

Kobold tinkerers are always seeking ways to improve everything and now they have made their own Black Clockwork version of a Plate Armor that has clockwork assisted movement to offset the weight. Unfortunately the gears themselves also weigh a lot so it turns out the benefit is nullified. However, Outlanders who saw the armor loved the look and asked the Kobold tinkerers to keep making it, if only for the looks. The helmet has a built-in Aether Vibration Device so you can tune into your favorite radio stations. 

This armor is classified as Plate Heavy Armor. Included are the helm, chest, leggings, gloves, and boots. 

Like other Add On Store Gear this item has low level starting stats, is non-lootable in PVP, and does not suffer any reduction in Maximum Durability. 

You can choose to salvage these items for a single Eternal Pattern from each item that can be used to make other plate armor items look like these items. Please note that this forfeits all of its protections from destruction and PVP loot-ability. 

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