TT Shroud of the Avatar Sword Of Midras Pack

This Sword of Midras pack includes:

  • Sword of Midras Dungeon Libary Room ( no Bookshelfs included)
  • Sword of Midras Printing Press
  • Teleporter to Compendium of Pain and Suffering

*you will need to own a property to place these items

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Price: $80.00

In Stock

Please let us know the name of the character to deliver this to:


Portalarium failed to reach an agreement with the publisher on distribution of the physical and signed version of the Blade of the Avatar books for backers. Instead, Patron-level backers eligible for a physical copy of the book instead received a unique in-game Challenge Dungeon Remote Dungeon Entrance, and Citizen-level backers eligible for a signed copy will instead receive a Sword of Midras Library Dungeon Room and a Sword of Midras Magical Printing Press.

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