Eve Online Gold Starter Pack V2
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Make waves in New Eden with an amazing offering of 60 days of Omega time, 240 PLEX, and half a million Skill Points! The Gold Starter Pack brings excellent value for any budding Capsuleer. Train faster and fly more ships with your Omega time, instantly inject the 500,000 Skill Points into where you need them right now, and use your PLEX in the New Eden Store or sell it for ISK! 

Included in the Gold Starter Pack are 12 slick Semiotique Superluminal SKINs for the frigates, destroyers, and cruisers of EVE. Don’t miss this value – pick up the Gold Starter Pack today! 

Pack Contents: 

  • 60 Days of Omega - Train faster, do more! 
  • 240 PLEX – Sell for ISK in-game! 
  • 500,000 Skill Points - Your fast track to improved skills 
  • Punisher Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Merlin Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Incursus Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Rifter Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Thrasher Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Coercer Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Catalyst Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Cormorant Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Rupture Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Thorax Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Caracal Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 
  • Omen Semiotique Superluminal SKIN 

Single purchase per account. 

This Eve Online Gold Starter Pack was released in September 23rd 2021.  If you have one of these listed in your account prior to this date it is safe to apply this version as well.


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