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Markee Dragon Game Codes March 2017 Giveaway
Markee Dragon Game Codes March 2017 Giveaway Direct Email Delivery!
Starts on: March, 1st ,2017 at 12:01 AM (UTC)

Ends on   : March, 31st ,2017 at 11:59 PM (UTC)

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Prize 1: (1)Minmatar Tempest Replica Model from the Eve Battleship Collection.

A key vessel of the Minmatar Republic Fleet, the versatile Tempest offers hard-hitting long-range firepower combined with one of the highest top speeds available in its class. Its bizarre appearance is a typical example of Minmatar ship design. For fans and collectors alike The EVE Online Battleship Models are constructed from a solid resin foundation and are mounted, ready for display, on a base emblazoned with the associated faction logo. The meticulous reproduction of EVE Online's ships is achieved through a combination of plastic detailing, cast metal components, and hand painted accents. The end result is a striking replica of the very ships soaring through space in New Eden.


About the Sculptors:

Nick Sainton-Clark is a master of model making and special effects with over 20 years of experience to his name.

Alan Brannan is a veteran model maker whose credits includes work on Red Dwarf, Doctor Who, AVP, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and the next Harry Potter Film. Sainton Design in its collaboration with CCP/White Wolf is committed to creating high quality collectors models that capture the grace and detail of their digital originals.


Height: 34.5 cm

Length: 37 cm

Width: 12.5 cm

Weight: 1180 g

A list of our previous winners can be viewed here!

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