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Prize: Minmatar Tempest Replica Model from the Eve Battleship Collection.


A key vessel of the Minmatar Republic Fleet, the versatile Tempest offers hard-hitting long-range firepower combined with one of the highest top speeds available in its class. Its bizarre appearance is a typical example of Minmatar ship design. For fans and collectors alike The EVE Online Battleship Models are constructed from a solid resin foundation and are mounted, ready for display, on a base emblazoned with the associated faction logo. The meticulous reproduction of EVE Online's ships is achieved through a combination of plastic detailing, cast metal components, and hand painted accents. The end result is a striking replica of the very ships soaring through space in New Eden.



Height: 34.5 cm

Length: 37 cm

Width: 12.5 cm

Weight: 1180 g


Price: $0.00

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