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*A Pledge Package is required to play Crowfall.


Use Crowfall Crowns to purchase cosmetic items in our store. Note that buildings, parcels and decorative items may only be used in the Eternal Kingdoms. All items purchasable for Crowns can be found or created within the game world of Crowfall.



Enhance your Crowfall experience with these services including VIP membership, reserve a name or get access to expanded tools to take your guild heraldry to the next level. All services (except monthly VIP membership) are non-transferable and limited to one per account.

*A Pledge Package is required to play Crowfall.


Collect one or more of these majestic creatures to travel in style! Mounts provide you a speed benefit -- allowing you to travel great distances in far less time. Pack animals provide you with additional carrying capacity -- allowing you to move resources between distant locations en masse.


*A Pledge Package is required to play Crowfall.


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Crowfall Redemption Process:  

Your purchase will be delivered directly to your Crowfall account.  Or you can gift the purchase to another player or if you have multiple accounts you may apply it to the account of your choosing.  After your purchase with us we will send you an email containing a link to connect with the Crowfall account you wish to redeem on. Once connected your purchase will appear in your game account.  Your purchase will appear nearly instantly.

One thing of note.  As the game is in pre launch status.  All purchases will show up in your account.  But some items or features may not be available yet in game.  The benefit of buying these items early is that they may be special versions or a lower cost than what they will be at launch.

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