Use Crowfall Crowns to purchase cosmetic items in the Crowfall store. Note that buildings, parcels and decorative items may only be used in the Eternal Kingdoms. All items purchasable for Crowns can be found or created within the game world of Crowfall.

Verwenden Sie Crowfall Kronen um Kosmetikartikel,Gebäude, Parzellen,Reittiere und Dekorationsgegenstände fur die Ewigen Königreiche zu erwerben. Alle für Kronen käuflichen Gegenstände können in der Spielwelt von Crowfall gefunden oder hergestellt werden.



    CROW VIP members receive unique benefits delivering value on multiple levels: choice, value, and convenience. As a VIP you receive priority access to all Campaign Worlds, enjoy the gift of up to 1500 Crowns per VIP month, granted at the start of each paid VIP period, and you can take advantage of additional Vault and World Bank storage along with additional benefits worth crowing about! Check out the full feature list HERE

All VIP plans include monthly grants of bonus in-game currency (Crowns) as well as an exclusive monthly item reward.


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