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Markee Dragon Game Codes is a business partner and Trusted Trader with Portalarium / Catnip.  You can make purchases from and sell to us with confidence!


  Sell our Game Account!

Please email us at with what you would like to sell to us.  We can buy single items of great value or entire accounts.

For the purchase of accounts we will require the login and password of the account.  This will be required both for the quote and for the transfer of the account if you accept our offer.  If you just have a few items to sell please email us with what you have and we will give you a quote.  Please be as specific as possible with the names of any items as several of them can be simular but can make a large difference in value.

Accounts are valued on a per account basis.  We will give a quote on the items and on the character.  (Accounts connected to Steam we can not make offers on the character.  We can however on everything else.)




Our Current Offers:

1 Million Gold

$14.95 - PayPal

$16.45 - Markee Dragon Store Credit

Minimum we will purchase is 2 million gold.


  In Game Gold!

Cash out quick and easy, by selling your in game gold to Markee Dragon Game Codes!
Here you dont need to worry about waiting to find a buyer. We will buy your gold from you worry and hastle free.

Simply contact store support with the amount you're interested in selling, and we will respond as soon as possible with a quote for your gold. Payment will be sent as soon as the gold has been received.

We offer multiple options for payment to suit your needs. Need cash now? No problem! We can send it to you right away via PayPal. Or if you dont know what you want to buy yet and want to save it for a rainy day, we offer store credit towards future purchases as well.

PLEASE NOTE: All offers listed on this page are subject to change without notice. We evaluate market conditions of items at the time of purchase, so the prices offered may change up or down depending on the current market values.