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Markee Dragon Game Codes is a business partner and Trusted Trader with Portalarium.  You can make purchases from us with confidence!

Items listed here in this category are no longer available directly from Portalarium or have been acquired from other players and can be transferred to your ownership.

All deliveries that require meeting in game will be made at the Brittney Central Bank. If delivery needs to be made at a different location for things such as placed property we will meet you at the bank or banker in that town.

Feel free to email us with any pre purchase questions.  We will be happy to answer anything you wish to know.

Do you have an account or items to sell?  Contact us. Let us know what you have . Please provide any details you can and we will give you a quote.

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 Taxed Player Owned Town Property Deeds


 Taxed Place Anywhere Property Deeds


 Tax Free Place Anywhere Property Deeds

*Tax Free property deeds may require extra delivery time.  The normal delivery time is shortly after your purchase.  But because we sometimes put these deeds to use while they are on the market it may require some additional time for delivery.  Feel free to contafct us prior to your purchase with any questions or concerns.



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SotA TT Items Redemption Process:  

Deliveries will be made via the In game Mail system. 
You will first receive an email from us to confirm your character's In Game Name.
After confirming the receiving character, you will be sent an in game mail containing your purchase from our store character. The Title of the mail will include your purchase Reference Number.
You can collect your purchase at any bank mailbox, or a personally owned mailbox in game.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at


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