TT Shroud of the Avatar Tax Free POT Keep Lot Property Deed

This is a Tax Free POT Keep Lot Deed.

The Tax Free POT Keep LOT Property Deed can be used to claim a land-based Keep Lot (or smaller) lot in  Player Owned Towns. Keep lots measure 80 x 60 meters which makes them twice the size of a City lot.

The Keep Lot allots you to place:

NPCs 5
Internal Lights 290 External Lights 20
Internal Containers 165 External Containers 55
Internal Objects 2150 External Objects 1750

There are many benefits to being a property owner in SotA, including: 

  • Having a permanent residence, a place to put down roots, to hang your helmet, to decorate to your taste, to invite your friends over to hang out.
  • Provides a location for you to have a vendor to sell your wares.
  • Provides a location to set up private crafting stations, saving you the trouble of visiting public crafting stations to produce your wares.
  • Plant your own gardens to grow whatever you need.
  • Dramatically increases your storage space. Your house can be filled with decorations, and you can place chests at your house to expand your player inventory.


* Note: Home pictured is NOT included

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