TT Shroud of the Avatar 29x GM Bowman & Tamer Account. 100 Adventurer 83 Producer
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This Character is MASSIVE, and comes with everything you could possibly need to start a small personal empire! Along with 29x GMs he also has 48.5 million free Pooled Adventuring Experience and 9.8 million free Pooled Crafting Experience.

The character is the strongest that we have had the pleasure of dealing with, and we are passing this pleasure on to you!

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Adventurer level 100

Adventure XP in Pool - 48,500,000+

Producer level 83

Producer XP in Pool - 9,800,000+

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Character also includes a nice set of tamed combat pets.

Light Unicorn



Black Arachnid

Black Wyvern

Polar Destroyer

29 Grandmaster skills!

  • Adventure GMs

    • 6x GM Ranged

      • GM Ranged Combat

      • GM Aimed Shot

      • GM Disabling Shot

      • GM Blinding Shot

      • GM Rapid Fire

      • GM Draw Strength

    • 2x GM Life

      • GM Healing Touch

      • GM Healing Ray

    • 2x GM Moon

      • GM Moon Worship

      • GM Meteor Shower

    • 2x GM Fire

      • GM Ignite Weapon

      • GM Ring of Fire

    • 9x GM Taming

      • GM Tame Creature (Level 120!)

      • GM Summoning

      • GM Frenzy

      • GM Combat Training

      • GM Pet Speed Training

      • GM Pet Strength Training

      • GM Pet Taunting Training

      • GM Pet Hide Toughness

  • Crafting GMs

    • 4x Carpentry

      • GM Carpentry

      • GM Carpentry Masterwork

      • GM Carpentry Mastery

      • GM Masterwork Ranged Weapon

Images of all skill categories that have points.








Items found in bank:

  • Obsidian Item of Greater Unlearning

  • Viking Two Story Row Home


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Character name can be changed through a services request.  There is a nominal charge for name changes.

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This account is NOT connected to Steam.  Steam accounts can not be resold as they can not be secured.  This account is secured and ready to be owned by you.

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