Crowfall Heart-of-a-Hero Backer Pack - Special Offer
  • Eternal Hero “Heart of a Hero” Sigil worn over your heart which when equipped bestows a +2% Damage Bonus to the wearer - no loot/no trade item - yours to equip with this Beta Bundle
  • One War Horse Mount, charge into battle astride one of the most intimidating mounts - ready for battle, the War Horse (saddle included; you receive the actual Warhorse Mount with Skin)
  • Includes: Patron Pack - Crowfall Digital Edition - Play Now & Forever - $49.99
  • +1 Bonus Month VIP Access

*Heart-of-A-Hero Beta Bundle = $79.98 Value for $59.99 (25% Discount)

*Available ONLY while active in the store, it will not be available post-launch

SKU: 5603

Price: $59.99


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