Eve Online Training Boost Bundle
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Get 1.5 million Skill Points to inject instantly and speed up your training with the Expert Cerebral Accelerator.

The new Training Boost Bundle (limited to one per account) is here, featuring Skill Points that can be immediately injected, as well as the Expert Cerebral Accelerator to speed up your skill training even further and save you time in achieving your goals!

This bundle's massive haul of 1.5 million Skill Points will give you the chance to instantly upgrade a number of your skills to level 5, allowing you access to advanced vessels such as Tech 2 ships and more.

At the same time, the Expert Cerebral Accelerator will speed up your skill training even further for a limited time, so you can reach for even greater training goals once you've injected your Skill Points!

The full contents of this pack include:

1.5 million Skill Points

Boost your skill training and develop quickly in areas you desire with a large amount of Skill Points, unlocking new elements of gameplay and giving you a head start.

Expert Cerebral Accelerator

The Expert Cerebral Accelerator lets you train skills even faster for a limited time, helping you to achieve other training goals once you've injected the 1.5 million Skill Points. (This implant gives you +8 for 300 hours.  This is 12.5 days.  With full skills this can be as long as 25 days!  This can equal about 10 extra days of training on this boost.)

** This product can be activated only once per EVE game account. If you have already purchased this product elsewhere, you won’t be able to activate it.**

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