Crowfall Nightmare Bundle
  • Build your reputation as your ride into battle on your Nightmare Mount
  • Plus, for those Collector's out there, enjoy the benefits of 1 Mo. VIP service including +100% more Account Vault space and more benefits as part of your one-month VIP service ($14.99 USD value)
  • Let your enemies know you're ready to rumble with the “Piece of Me” Emote
  • Crowfall Digital Edition
  • Forum Membership
  • Play Now and Forever

*The Nightmare Bundle = $84.98 Value for $69.99 (18% Discount)

*Available through September 30 at 6 PM CDT

*Please Note: Mount Skin recipe(s) (purchased or ‘rewarded’ as part of Crowfall Kickstarter Rewards, or ACE promotional programs) are now accessible for the life of your account in-game through your Crafting recipe book in the Backer Rewards category. These skin recipes are account-locked and cannot be gifted or traded to other players.

Mount Figurines (the in-game item used to summon your mount) are subject to durability loss, and will decay over time until they are destroyed. Figurines cannot be traded in-game, but can be gifted through your Account Profile if you have not imported them in-game.

SKU: 5681

Price: $69.99


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